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Quiet Connections

Hi there quiet one

We hear you (and we know you feel like no one else does)

You think you should be able to do certain things -like calmly chatting with strangers; confidently speaking up in a group; and perfectly presenting to an audience- just because other people seem to manage with ease. 

You want to be more confident, talk more freely and feel like you fit in

But it's not easy. It can feel like you’re the only person struggling.

We're so glad you've found us.

We’re Hayley, Stacie & Ellie. Together, we help quieter people like you to feel more calm and confident so you can speak up when you need to, join the social group you want to, make new friends and go on dates without the panic, get the grades that you deserve, and… actually enjoy talking with people!

Because we’ve been where you are.

We know your pain, because we were the quiet ones too. The ones who would freak out whenever someone would talk to us. We know what it’s like to feel unable to ask for the help you need, and pretend to be okay. We've felt the panic that the mere mention of the words ‘presentation’ and ‘interview’ can trigger.

We were so embarrassed about how ‘flawed’ we were, we just wanted to hide ourselves away. So we did everything we could to avoid speaking in front of people and being the centre of attention.

It doesn’t have to be this hard...

It’s taken us over a decade of research, counselling, reading, coaching, courses, training, and getting super uncomfortable in the name of growth, to collect enough puzzle pieces to understand what was going on for us and to learn how we can make changes for ourselves to show up how we want to in life.

We know it’s so hard because no one really talks about this (and seriously, who has a decade to spend trying to figure it all out for themselves?). That's why we feel it’s so important to share everything we have learned, because you shouldn’t have to feel alone, broken and ashamed the way that we did for so long.

Why Should You Join Us?

The Quiet Connections community is a safe space for you to connect with new friends who struggle with speaking up in groups and conversations too - and this is a key part of growing your confidence!

- You’ll be part of a genuinely understanding community where you can share your stories, worries and successes; ask questions and feel supported and understood.

- You’ll see stats and stories from people who feel socially anxious so you know for sure that you’re not weird, broken or alone.

- You’ll get a daily Quiet Reflection prompt; words of wisdom to help you recognise and celebrate all that you are and all that you can be.

- You’ll see the events happening in your area and online.

- You can get involved in our latest campaigns to reframe quiet and raise awareness.

- You'll even have access to coaches, courses, tips & resources to help you to feel less anxious and grow your confidence!

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